About GS Cup

GS Cup is a community-based event that will promote and encourage the students who have contributed to any community.

GS Cup will be awarded to the students who will score the maximum number of points according to the guidelines and contribution he/she has given to the community.

    There will be two categories for the event:
  • 1. Everyone
  • 2. For Girlscript Family


A true Community program that encourages us all by being a guide, a friend and a techie. We at GirlScript promote each one of us for the work we do, the challenges we conqueror, reward when we succeed and lead us when we fail.

With GS CUP we built a stronger technical aptitude by bringing out the best in all of us by pushing is to work harder, learn and share opportunites we get and reward the true enthusiast in this annual program.

How to grab points for GS Cup

We are bringing you the GS Cup in which you will be awarded with points on a scale of contribution you have made to the community. And the person with the most points will be the winner of the most existing GS Cup.

GS Cup Documentation
  • Select a Leaderboard Category
  • Select Contribution Category (Reward Point)
  • Submit Contribution Details & Proofs
  • Kindly wait for Verification
  • After verification, Reward Points will be credited to your account

The Last date of GS Contribution for the first phase is 31st August, 2020 at 23:59.


Our Top 10 Contributers

( Community Champ Male )

GS Cup final Winners

 GS Family


Team Testimonials


Everything you need to know about the GS Cup

What is GS CUP?

A tournament where you win prizes by just regular updates of the activities you do in relation to the tech community. A community-based event where we promote your contributions to a community.

What is the duration of GS CUP?

6 months but their are 3 timelines

Is GS CUP only for existing GIRLSCRIPT MEMBERS?

NO, The GS CUP offers 2 tournaments.One for GS MEMBERS and another for NON-GS MEMBERS as well.

Is the tournament and activities under GirlScript only for Girls?

No, the activities and tournaments are open to all genders. Only your qualifications and hard work is the Winning Requirement here.

Do I need to pay any amount to be a part of the tournament?

No, The tournament is totally free. You just need to enroll in by signing in. A total winning situation as you get exciting prizes too.

What will I have to do to be on the leaderboard and win the tournament?

Just read the level pointers and regularly update your achievements and you will keep progressing and improving your rank.

How can I present my testimonials for the event I attended?

Just sign-in, you will see the submission text and submit your proof of event/certificate/webinar/activity completed.

When will the result be announced?

Results will be announced on a quarterly basis i.e. after every 3 months. Though, the final result of an entire year is the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT.

How will I be assessed, based on my activities?

Every task and update you provide will fetch you points. According to it, you will be awarded points after proper checking and consideration.

When will my points reflect on my dashboard?

In 10 working days, your points will be displayed and updated in your dashboard.

Would my testimonials submitted be handled privately or displayed also?

Your testimonials will be totally private and securely handled by the GirlScript Members. Only the DISPLAY NAME OF THE FILE, you submit shall be displayed (if in case) in the final result as a token presented to your hard work and inspiration to others.

What if someone submits the false testimonial and earns points?

All the testimonials will be strictly checked by the GS CUP team members and violation of any conduct or any false submission shall lead to direct disqualification.

Meet The Team

Milind Kale

Project Lead

Om Ingole

Sponsorship Team

Harsha Menda

Content Writing Intern

Kareena Oberoi

Graphic Designing Intern

Contact Us!

  • Official Email : gscupmail@gmail.com
  • Doubts/Query
  • Email: milind@girlscript.tech
    Discord: Milind#9932