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We need helping hands to reach and impact more people. If you are a tech enthusiast, join now!

Our Mission

GirlScript is working to change lives by imparting tech education and relevant skills.

Awareness about Tech

Help us reach tier-two and tier-three cities where people do not know how tech education can change their lives.

scholarship and fellowship

Getting recognized is an important part of anyone's career. With GirlScript, know exactly where you fit in.

young and enthusiastic mentor

Finding like minded people who resonate with your goal is extremely important. Find such enthusiastic people through GirlScript's network.


Know how Diversity & Inclusion can play an important role in generating ideas, team building and getting the maximum output.

women in tech

GirlScript is NOT a women only organsation but it has equal opportunities for everyone and thus 50% reservation for women in tech.

internship opportunities

Looking for a perfect team to work with? GirlScript's diverse and strong network can help you.

remote jobs

Nobody likes to sit in a cubicle and remote jobs are hottest trend. We are now aiming to match you with your perfect work from home job.

skills over money

95% of our programs do not require any money. We are looking out for passionate individuals whom we can transform.


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GirlScript and it's founders have been featured in ted.com, booking.com, Rajeev Circle Fellowship, Rex Karmaveer Chakra and many other prestigious awards.

GirlScript wins 'Elastic Cause Awards 2019'

Cause Awards

If you’re using the Elastic Stack to make a positive impact in the world — from aiding a local population in need to improving the global environment — you’re a great candidate for this award.

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GirlScript in top 8 of Role Model Category

Technology Playmaker Awards

The Tech Playmaker awards is all about finding and recognizing women who are passionate about leveraging technology in innovative ways to inspire and drive everyday change in their organizations and communities.

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