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GS Against Covid-19

GS Against Covid guidelines is an initiative taken by Girlscript Foundation to help people in different parts of India by giving them details of Hospitals, Ambulances and Medicals of respective cities.

GS Against Covid - Food Donation Campaign

Do You Know, Humanity Exists!
Girlscript has helped more than half a million students to get their career path.
In this Covid Era, we are on a mission to give uncooked ration of 10kgs to 1000 Familes in India by serving them 1,12,000 individual meals.
100*10,000= 10 Lakhs

Can you help us with a donation of only 100Rs?

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Our Mission

GirlScript is working to change lives by imparting tech education and relevant skills.

Awareness about Tech

Help us reach tier-two and tier-three cities where people do not know how tech education can change their lives.

scholarship and fellowship

Getting recognized is an important part of anyone's career. With GirlScript, know exactly where you fit in.

young and enthusiastic mentor

Finding like minded people who resonate with your goal is extremely important. Find such enthusiastic people through GirlScript's network.


Know how Diversity & Inclusion can play an important role in generating ideas, team building and getting the maximum output.

women in tech

GirlScript is NOT a women only organization but it has equal opportunities for everyone and thus 50% reservation for women in tech.

internship opportunities

Looking for a perfect team to work with? GirlScript's diverse and strong network can help you.

remote jobs

Nobody likes to sit in a cubicle and remote jobs are hottest trend. We are now aiming to match you with your perfect work from home job.

skills over money

95% of our programs do not require any money. We are looking out for passionate individuals whom we can transform.


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Pandemic Report

Girlscript Foundation impacted 25,000+ students online in this pandemic.
Check out this Report

Our Programs

Our Community

Help us

Let's help society with free education

During this lockdown, We are on a mission of teaching 1 Lakh students for free.


Some Amazing Response From Techie Around

Featured in

GirlScript and it's founders have been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, ted.com, booking.com, Rajeev Circle Fellowship, Rex Karmaveer Chakra and many other prestigious awards.

GirlScript wins 'Elastic Cause Awards 2019'

Cause Awards

If you're using the Elastic Stack to make a positive impact in the world - from aiding a local population in need to improving the global environment - you're a great candidate for this award.

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GirlScript in top 8 of Role Model Category

Technology Playmaker Awards

The Tech Playmaker awards is all about finding and recognizing women who are passionate about leveraging technology in innovative ways to inspire and drive everyday change in their organizations and communities.

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If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact.

What is GirlScript?

GirlScript Foundation Pvt Ltd is a section-8 company registered under government of India.

GirlScript is the fastest growing tech-community in India. It is a non-profit project brought to you by GirlScript Foundation to help beginners in technology.

GirlScript started as a project which has been selected by Mozilla under Open Leadership program out of 51 open-source projects worldwide. The main motto of GirlScript is not only to encourage gender equality in the technology sector but also to help all the beginner in technology who are clueless at the starting phase of their education.

We not only train them but also let them know about various national and international events, speaking opportunities, scholarship, and fellowships.

GirlScript started in 2017 and in one year of its establishment, it has won "BEST EDUCATIONAL START-UP" AWARD. GirlScript is a section 8 company and in one year of establishment it has reached in 32 cities of India, it has taught more than 3000+ students around and has taken more than 25+ workshops.

Why that name?

The name is GirlScript because we want more women to be a part of technical industry. We support diversity in tech. Although, it should be remembered that we are not a women only organisation and welcome everyone to join us irrespective of age, colour, caste, nationality, religion or gender.

How and When it started?

We started our journey in February, 2017 and then got officially registered in June, 2017. It was started by Anubha Maneshwar in final year of her Computer Engineering Degree course with a mission to help beginners in technology and promote women in tech.

What is the need of such organisation in India?

We mainly started GirlScript because of the following reasons-

1. People buy projects while pursuing their degree projects.

2. Hardly 5% of population is self driven in learning process.

3. No Indian origin community has widespread on a massive level.

4. Programming and coding is not only about swags!

5. What we learn at educational institutes is not useful for industrial applications.

6. There are a lot of opportunities in tech industry but hardly anyone know about it.

7. After knowing about the opportunities, many people fail to grab it.

8. There are less women in tech and it is primarily male dominant.

9. Local mentors and help is a better way to learn, share and lean in together.

10. No other community has regular events or care about performance monitoring of students or attendees of their events.

11. We believe in to-the-point learning and we are fit for Indian structure with vast linguistic and regional diversity, that are hard to find in foreign countries.

What we have done so far?

1. Chapters- We started from Nagpur and went on expanding to different cities and campus across India. The local chapters create local community, conduct informative sessions, workshops, meetups and monitor student performances by teaching what they want to learn. We don't follow a syllabus. Last year 65 free events took place in multiple cities across India.

2. GirlScript Summer of Code- It is a 3 month program (competition) to help beginners in open source programming. Individuals/organisations put up their projects and developers throughout the globe help in building these projects. Mentors guide them throughout the contribution period. The first edition saw 1000 participants and 150 mentors. The event is free for everyone. GirlScript rewards top 5, top 25 and top 50, mentors and participants according to their contribution.

3. LetsPy- It is India's biggest Python Programming BootCamp. Started from Nagpur in 2017 as PyCamp, in 2018 LetsPy was conducted in two cities-Pune and Nagpur. It is a 3 days Python learning program and is paid for every participant.

4. GirlScript India Summit- India's first women oriented techfest. It is open for all. Started legacy hackathon of GirlScript- #HackForWomen. Summit not only have hackathon but 21 under 21 tech awards, company interaction booths, tech talks and panel discussion. The first edition of summit took place at Ahmedabad in 2017.

5. Hack-O-Trek - This program is for 100 innovators across India whose story is worth sharing. It will take place on himalayas and the first edition is yet to launch.

What is LETSPY?

LetsPy is India's biggest Python Programming Bootcamp for 3 days with more than 500 attendees from 5+ universities and corporations, it is biggest platform to learn, understand and enhance your programming skills. With more than 10 workshops and 30+ hours of hands-on coding experience, LetsPy will have 65% of women participants as it is being conducted by GirlScript Foundation on.

The motto behind conducting this boot camp is to promote Python Programming and Open-Source in tier-two and tier-three cities of India. The attendees will start learning from scratch and will be taken to the topics like Chat Bots, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


GirlScript Foundation organizes GirlScript India Summit every year in December. The Summit is India's first Women Oriented Technical Fest. With an ambition to celebrate knowledge, women, technology, innovation and simultaneously spreading a message of equality in tech.

The India Summit will cover the highlights of 'Technical Industry' such as AI and Advanced Machine Learning, Intelligent Apps (Virtual Personal Assistance), Intelligent Things (Robots, Drones and Autonomous Vehicles), Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. It will also include the finest speakers from the technology industry and some successful women entrepreneurs who would like to share their story with us and how it feels like to be a women entrepreneur in India.

GirlScript India Summit is an invite-only/paid-only event.The profiles of the applicants will be evaluated rigorously before extending them an invitation/ticket.


Girlscript Summer Of Code is a 3-month long open source project under Girlscript India to build the main website of GirlScript, GirlScript mobile app and websites for various GirlScript Chapters. In this Summer Of Code, all the registered participants would get an exquisite opportunity to interact with the mentors and the Organizing Team.

In this period they can extract any help or can resolve any sort of query or uncertainty that they might be having regarding the projects or it's implementation.

The team and the mentors will endeavor to provide the required help from their best possible resources. The mentors will be declaring the issues of the Open Source Projects and the admins will be looking after the final structuring of the websites.

If a participant is willing to work on a project, he/she will have to comment on the issue and make a pull request and if the mentor finds the work satisfactory, the participant would get the opportunity to work for the same.

The claiming of issues by the participants will be on a first come-first served basis. The participants would be continuously evaluated on all the projects that they contribute to and thereby the mentors will have to maintain a leaderboard and submit a biweekly evaluation of their respective mentees.

After the conclusion of the event, the leaderboards of the mentors would be taken into consideration by the organizing team for the final evaluation of the participants and the result would be declared.

Why should you apply?

Girlscript chapter leaders are a part of our extended family.

We promote you every month for your exceptional work and reward you with awesome swags [leader of the month across india].

You will get to attend our events and work with our awesome team. We might plan a gathering of all leaders once or twice in a year [and yes! Your expenses will be covered by girlscript ].

Once, you complete your final year [if you are a student], you get first preference among all applicants for interning with us and a ppo too!

Other than this, you will be provided with a certificate and a letter of recommendation.

Rules to follow, if any?

You will not be allowed to promote other clubs, society, organisation, company under our events or local meetups unless and until it is instructed by us.

You should be regular, disciplined, well-mannered and provide us with your weekly report.

You should be agreed for signing a non-disclosure agreement with girlscript for an year.


Girlscript also provides internship opportunities to those who propose their work and share interesting ideas and opinions to grow the organization. Interns are the one who gives some hours of their schedule for the well being and progress of organization.

In return girlscript provides stipend, letter of recommendation, certificate of internship and opportunity to work in girlscript core team after completion of their education.

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